Adv. Ehud Shilony


Certified to practice law since 1985, LL.B from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a certified tax consultant.

Over the last three decades Adv. Shilony has been practicing law in all facets of labor relations and labor law. His areas of expertise include representation of international corporates in legal matters relating to Israeli Labor Law, including procedures of acquisition or investment in the Israeli labor market, representation of large and small organizations including unions, non-governmental organizations, corporates, employee committees, and employees of various sectors.

Adv. Shilony is known for leading successfully several major legal precedents in collective labor law, individual employment law, and concerning human rights.  Among his fields of expertise are disciplinary procedures for employees, labor disputes, administrative procedures, and criminal law regarding labor law.  Hence Adv. Shilony has been involved in numerous procedures regarding liquidations, structural changes and reorganizations, as an expert in labor and employment law.