Representation of Workers’ Committees and Workers’ Organizations

For the past 30 years, our firm represents unions and employee groups. In this period began our firm to represent and constitute the H’lsch legal ‘of the trade unions division all around the World in the south (Mibnh to Eilat) with regard to the field of collective labor law including: representation in labor courts, negotiations, representation forging collective agreements, Counseling Association professional and including workers’ unions (opinion, ongoing counseling, lectures and seminars, the Secretary-union Southern Region).

In this matter, our firm provides legal services to entities such as the workers’ council, Ben Gurion University, and employees of Makhteshim Chemical Works, to employees of ORT Israel, various sectors in the ports of Ashdod and Eilat, organization of firefighters unions in Israel, the National Organization of Workers of Magen David Adom, the trade union department in south the new Histadrut and more.

The firm also handles the affairs of the employees of the public sector throughout the country – through the New Histadrut Labor Federation, the Union of Clerks and representing unions and individual employees. The representation deals with the entire range of issues relating to public service, both in the country, government agencies, government corporations, agencies local hospitals and the like – including all issues related to recreation programs, consolidating departments, downsizing, hiring, use in economic and / or contractors of various types, standards and so on.

It should be noted that the firm managed the legal aspects of organizing workers in a large number of jobs, some of which resulted in legal precedents and laws are important in cases such as Vita Pri Galil (2007-2008), Metrodan Beersheba (2004-2005), Haifa Chemicals South (2003) , Community Center, Kiryat Malachi (2002) and many others.