Representation and Legal Advicing For Employers

The firm supports ongoing legal counsel employers from various fields, and involved, according to customer requirements, defining, monitoring and supervision of the processes within the enterprise from the prism of the legal, training employees and managers, accompaniment and management of procedures for dismissal, including the senior employees, negotiations with the employees and their representation, and representation courts.

The firm has specialized in the field of commercial injustice and competition (ensuring the employer’s confidential information, maintaining business opportunities, protection of freedom of occupation, fair business competition). This is a developing niche cost legal and financial consequences far-reaching economic, both to workers who go to work in a new society, both in the company’s original employer, and if this is a business / company founded by a former employee.

Our firm has experience representing multinational companies and international expertise in this regard and the firm’s collective, and in particular the industry (industry expansion orders and their implementation) gives added value in such activities. In addition, the Ministry of experience in due diligence obligations with regard to field workers.