Practice Areas and Expertise

The firm attributes importance to advancing the rights of weaker and weaker populations as a basis for promoting the general population – women, adults and foreign workers.

The firm has a special department that deals with salary tests and financial calculations of wage claims (salary calculations and paycheck checks). This department deals with debt claims in bankruptcy proceedings, bankruptcy and creditors’ arrangements. It also deals with wage calculations for claims and payroll examinations for employees (whether as part of claims or for checking the correctness of wages and pay slips).

In light of the firm’s special expertise in issues related to the Budget Foundations Law and the employment law in the public sector, the firm accompanies various committees, employees and elected officials in proceedings related to these areas, including the Budget Foundations Law, the Ministry of Finance’s Director of Wages.

In this context, the firm routinely conducts negotiations to regulate the terms of employment and retirement of employees in various public authorities, with particular specialization in the municipal sector, in light of the collective agreement regarding the ratification of salary irregularities.

The firm has extensive experience in the accompaniment and representation of employees who have been in the process of being fired and disciplined. The firm’s staff accompanies the employee throughout the process, from the various hearing proceedings, in negotiations with the employer, to the extent required, in a legal struggle until the injury is prevented and / or the employee’s rights are obtained and fulfilled.

The firm specializes in the representation of senior employees in the process of dismissal and discipline and has extensive experience in the special characteristics of such dismissal proceedings.

The firm operated and supervised rehabilitation programs in many municipalities and in Makhteshim, Negev Ceramics and Phenicia. In addition, our firm was active in the matter of the exchange of ownership in Feuchtwanger Industries and the closure of public transport services in Be’er Sheva – retirement and privatization against the government that invested NIS 90 million in the process. To this we can also add the structural changes in Polgat Textile and the sale of the shares from the Clal Group to the Barenboim-Gilboa Group and the securing of workers’ rights under a collective agreement.

In the past, the firm has managed dozens of liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings each year, among other things, in order to file debt claims for payment from the National Insurance Institute.

The firm supports ongoing legal counsel employers from various fields, and involved, according to customer requirements, defining, monitoring and supervision of the processes within the enterprise from the prism of the legal, training employees and managers, accompaniment and management of procedures for dismissal, including the senior employees, negotiations with the employees and their representation, and representation courts.

The firm has specialized in the field of commercial injustice and competition (ensuring the employer’s confidential information, maintaining business opportunities, protection of freedom of occupation, fair business competition).

For the past 30 years, our firm represents unions and employee groups. This period also began to represent our firm and is the legal H’lsch of the trade union wing all around the World in the south the limit of collective labor law.