The Budget Foundations Law and the Supervisor of Wages and The Director of Wages in the Ministry of Finance

In light of the firm’s special expertise in issues related to the Budget Foundations Law and the employment law in the public sector, the firm accompanies various committees, employees and elected officials in proceedings related to these areas, including the Budget Foundations Law, the Ministry of Finance’s Director of Wages.

In this context, the firm routinely conducts negotiations to regulate the terms of employment and retirement of employees in various public authorities, with particular specialization in the municipal sector, in light of the collective agreement regarding the ratification of salary irregularities.

In this framework, the firm handles and handles various committees, as well as workers and retirees of various local authorities, such as the Ramat Hasharon Municipality, Rishon LeZion Workers ‘Union, Ashdod Municipality Workers’ Union and more.

In addition to municipal authorities, the Ministry handles procedures related to the wages supervisor of port workers, institutions of higher education, firefighters and employees of personal contracts in public institutions.