Representation of Employees in Dismissal and Discipline Processes

The firm has extensive experience in the accompaniment and representation of employees who have been in the process of being fired and disciplined. The firm’s staff accompanies the employee throughout the process, from the various hearing proceedings, in negotiations with the employer, to the extent required, in a legal struggle until the injury is prevented and / or the employee’s rights are obtained and fulfilled. The firm specializes in the representation of senior employees in the process of dismissal and discipline and has extensive experience in the special characteristics of such dismissal proceedings.

Among the firm’s clients over the years were senior management, including senior management, government and private corporations, alongside regular employees in all types of workplaces and under various contractual and constitutional regimes.

The firm represents and represents the employees vis-à-vis employers with boldness, determination and impartiality, but with careful consideration before each step, careful consultation, and constant examination of the possibilities for resolving and ending the conflict.