The Firm Values

Long-Term Strategic Approach

The firm accompanies its clients from the stage of policy formulation and outline to realize them Haoftilmli, while providing all the knowledge and experience our team has gained over the years.


We are working on formulating the original legal solutions and Ranniim provide our customers with an optimal solution, who is running successfully on complex challenges he faced.


Customer guidance and assistance in outlining his goals without compromise. Sometimes, a refusal to accept “no” for an answer, is a resounding difference between success and stagnation.


The firm’s lawyers are professionals of the highest in all range of areas of employment law.


We are proud of our contribution to the design and the Israeli labor law changes in recent years, and some are important in determining the legal rules that constitute significant milestones in labor law, as well as compulsory reading in all academic course.


We are committed to clear values ​​line of decency. “Man to man – man”, as the basis for the operation of the office with customers and professional colleagues.


Economic processes, legal and social issues for our customers, drum full cooperation – to achieve optimal results in effective and efficient.


Our range of services including litigation support and representation in labor courts, arbitration, disciplinary tribunals and other courts; Negotiations facing employers and for them; Contacts and discussions with the Ministry of Finance and other government agencies; Consulting a strategic nature “behind the scenes” and more.

Speed ​​and Efficiency

We are committed to meeting the minimum efficient allocation of resources possible, and accompanied with “custom made-to-measure”, to achieve the desired outcome for each client.

Availability and Readiness

The firm was known Bmocnoto fundamental to any discussion, any time, at short notice, and optimally. The office has extensive experience in litigation for temporary relief, which dates which are set timeframes between a few hours later.