For over 30 years since its foundation, our firm has been providing its clients with expert labor and employment law legal counsel. Well equipped with vast practical knowledge and experience, our team will advise, represent and carefully guide your organization through labor law related dilemmas and disputes.

Our leading firm is known for its precedential accomplishments in its field of primary expertise, as well as in overlapping legal areas, including Private International Law, disciplinary procedures, liquidations, acquisitions, both in the private and public sectors.

We have particular expertise in employment contracts, individual negotiations and collective bargaining. We also specialize in the protection of commercial and trade secrets of employers, and prevention of commercial tort under current Israeli law.

When prevention and negotiations fail, our capable team handles litigation with the same insistence and elite professional standards, as is well reflected in our many case law precedents.

Among our standing clients are firms in the BI sector (employing hundreds of employees), and in the international parallel electronic trade, and labor unions including The New Histardrut (the largest worker union in Israel), and other leading worker unions.

Our firm has broad experience in representing multinational and international corporations, inter alia, in the industrial sector. Through its unique expertise in Israeli collective labor law, the firm gives its’ clients added value when assessing the legal duties of a business in Israel, e.g. implementation of sectorial extension orders and employment legislation or in conducting due diligence in human resources related issues.

The Firm believes in personal relationship with its clients. Our staff is committed to uncompromising professionalism, along with promoting social values ​​and fair conduct in employment and contractual relations.