Adv. Yael Shilony


Certified to practice law since 1999, LL.B from Haifa University (with honors), LL.M from Tel-Aviv University.

Adv. Yael Shilony specializes in collective and individual labor law, negotiations, employee committee representation, formulation of collective agreements and representation in court. In addition, Adv. Shilony is an expert in public sector employment laws as well as employee representation on pay deviation issues with the Ministries of Finance and Interior.

Throughout her years of work for the firm. Adv. Yael Shilony has also served as an academic lecturer of labor laws at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (where she managed a labor law clinic), at Haifa University (where she taught a course on labor laws), and at Ramat-Gan College. She also served as research assistant for Prof. Baruch Bracha, Prof. Guy Mundlak and Dr. Doron Menashe.