SodaStream: Histadrut declared a labor dispute in

Labor dispute was announced today (Wednesday) at SodaStream, due to demands by the Histadrut to negotiate a first collective agreement for the formulation of the company. At the same time the declaration of conflict Federation appealed to the Labour Court this morning for activity against organizational management.

1,200 employees SodaStream Industries, located in the Negev near park furnish era, banded Organization earlier this week, after nearly half of the employees have already signed enrollment forms representative organization.

Since the beginning of the stage revealed the organization, the management company operated several levels to thwart the course of, inter alia, through involvement in prohibited alleged principals in the process of incorporation, the threat of dismissal of a member of the committee and attempt to prevent workers is believed the process of incorporation and stamp work on enrollment forms on the plant grounds. It should be noted that following a previous appeal to the Labour Court Organization, SodaStream’s management canceled the hearing, the employee members of the network and the Tribunal set dates for which the Histadrut and the workers’ committee will be able to hold explanatory meetings for employees.

The current referral center, which was submitted today to the Court, the World tells the SodaStream problematic behavior, including abusive proceedings taken by the administrative ranks in society against organized workers. Since the announcement of a representative sample, the Company’s management continued to work on signing forms Opt Federation, while misleading the workers on the alleged existence of “workers SodaStream organization” (to the interior). If that were not enough, the company discovered the alleged counterfeiting concern, the Histadrut opt-out forms, including forms cancellation of two active members of the organization, claiming that he never signed these forms. Moreover, the day after the announcement of a representative sample, the company announced through a public address system, the abolition of welfare event planned for workers, while tying the cancellation process of assembly.

In the application, unreeled a series of abuses committed by SodaStream, the World seeks an order preventing the company by its directors or its designee, try to influence the association or to take a stand on the cancellation of membership of workers in the Histadrut. In addition, the order requires the company to hold the World event scheduled for the workers welfare, while preventing unilateral changes to working conditions of employees. As part of the request to the court, the Organization intends to impose a fine of SodaStream million, compensation for harm to the company’s initial staff association.

Histadrut request the Regional Labor Court in Be’er Sheva was submitted through the Head of the Legal Department Operations Branch Organization, Mr. iris and roses, and a team of lawyers led by Mr. Ehud Shiloni.

Management SodaStream commented: “The Company’s management very surprised by its conduct aggressive of the World. Just earlier this week arrived in the management letter from the Histadrut regarding the claim of the representative organization and after only two days before the time for the Histadrut itself a benefit letter, declared a labor dispute in this matter. Conduct of the Histadrut and the puzzling and an logical since it is impossible to management reasonable time to examine the claim as is usual in such cases and has already taken a step brutal one-sided declaration of a labor dispute. so do not drive an organization that purports to represent and act for the benefit of its workers. on the contrary, this behavior was aggressive and predatory sole purpose to hurt each Price management company and its leader. As for the complaints about damage to organization – a company allows representatives of the Federation to enter the plant and meet with employees and acting in it by law and case law. “