Employee is obliged to compensate his employer approximately -450 thousand due to damage to the produce

Orchard worker employed as a manager, and was responsible for handling the fruit and transporting agricultural produce from the orchard to the packing house.

Orchard has argued that its refusal to the request of the employee for a pay raise, resulted in the employee deliberately refrained from sending 300 containers citrus packing house, and do not cover them from the weather, until they rotted in the baking sun, and have become edible. Thus, caused damage of about half a million ₪.

The evidence brought before the Labour Court found that the employee acted willfully. Among other things, it was revealed that the employee spoke to his colleagues that “they have nothing to worry about”, since it is not their money.

The court ruled that the employee has contractually committed to work, to fulfill his duties honestly, faithfully, loyally and professional skills and qualifications necessary and required by the office, violated the fiduciary duty owed by Lmasikto, and obligations fundamental to her, and therefore required to pay compensation amounting ₪ 430,200, as well as ₪ 15,000 legal costs. On the other hand, is an orchard that is not paid to the employee severance pay and notice fees, and is required to compensate him approximately ₪ -27,000.